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Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag in 2020

Other than techniques, a heavy training bag is very much needed for you to excel in MMA. Whether you are into Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, or learning any fighting skills, a heavy bag will help you in your training. We bring you some of the best Muay Thai heavy bags to make sure you get the best out of all the options available.

How to choose the best Muay Thai heavy bag

Choosing a heavy bag for your Muay Thai training will depend on what kind of fighter you are. Are you a combat sports trainee? An MMA fighter? Or are you just looking to become fitter & more active? Below are a few factors you can consider when choosing the right heavy bag for yourself.

Use measurements & body size

A way to determine if a heavy training bag is right for you is to use this simple formula. Take your body weight and divide it by two, then round it off to the nearest multiple of ten. So, if you weigh 140lbs/63kg, you will need a bag weighing between 40-70lbs/18-32kg.

Purpose of using the bag 

It is important to know why you are training with a punching bag. Do you need it to improve your speed? Or to increase your power? Or maybe you need a bag just for fitness? Identifying your goals will allow you to know the best punching bag to go for. Those looking to enhance speed and accuracy opt for lighter bags while those planning to improve speed and strength can go for heavier bags.

Current skill level

You need to gauge your current skill sets to find the best punching bag suiting your needs. This is because as a beginner, a heavy bag can pose an extreme challenge. So, it’s best if you start with a lighter bag. For the experts, a heavy bag is a perfect fit.

Available space

Heavy training bags need a lot of space. Selecting a punching bag based on where you want to set it up is an important factor to consider. You can choose to hang them from the ceiling, walls, or opt from the ones standing on the floor, such as free-standing punching bags.

Filled or unfilled bags

Both filled and unfilled bags have their own set of benefits. Filled bags are much easier to set-up. For an unfilled bag, you will have to do the tedious task of filling it to the right proportion to improve your kicks and punches.

Benefits of using heavy bags for Muay Thai

  • Improves techniques – from punches to strengthening the lower kicks and hand-eye coordination, a punching bag does it all.
  • Flexibility – you can use it for different forms of exercises from aerobics, cardio workouts to other MMA trainings.
  • Combination training – you can develop various combos while training with a heavy bag.
  • Helps with footwork –heavy bags give you better angles to strike from which will improve your footwork.

There are several ways to use a heavy punching bag, depending on the type of training you are doing.

  • Hit the heavy bag as it swings back in your direction as you would hit an opponent to train the power of your punches/kicks.
  • You can push the bag into a kick like driving an opponent from the clinch to a kick
  • Use the bag to improve your speed
  • Leverage your footwork to cut angles while keeping a distance from the bag
  • Train based on where you want to target as you can treat the bag as if it has a head (high), body (medium), and leg (low)
  • Practice clinching by clinching & using your knees to knee the bag

Types of Muay Thai Heavy Bags

There are various types of heavy punching bags, each having unique specifications. 

  • Muay Thai Heavy bag (AKA banana bag) – best suited for knee strikes and lower legs training
  • Round Heavy bag – enables targeted punches and kicks certain body parts
  • Angle Heavy bag – best for improving uppercuts, straight punches, body shots, and hooks
  • Double End Heavy bag – hourglass-shaped featuring two angles roughly resembling a real opponent. This helps with uppercut and lower leg techniques.
  • Free-standing punching bag – ideal for performing low kicks, MMA and Muay Thai techniques
  • Speed bag – helps in improving timing and hand-eye coordination

There are different surface materials for the different types of punching bags. While some are made from vinyl and synthetic, others are made from leather. The bags’ filling material varies between sand, water, air, or textile, each having unique benefits and density.

5 Best Muay Thai Heavy Bag

1. Savviest ChoiceOutslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA

Savviest Choice

Outslayer Filled Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA

Stylish & built with quality, you get it all with the Outslayer Filled Punching Bag. It has a stylish black finish and the main feature is that the bag is filled with fabric and without sand fillers. This means while you are training punches, there are no vacant spots where you accidentally punch!

Its design is excellent and has two synthetic leather-like straps on the top attached with two strings. It also comes with a sturdy storage bag with 10 years of guarantee. 


  • Stylish black finish
  • Firm & durable
  • Evenly distributed fabrics filling
  • No hollow spots 
  • Can be use with a D ring attached to the bottom
  • Added 12 inches (with straps) to the original 55 inches
  • Comes with two heavy-duty straps which are sewn to the punching bag
  • No chains
  • Fabric of the filling made from premium quality vinyl
  • Size suitable for average & tall fighters
  • Affordable price range


  • Not available in leather

With an intrinsic design, dense filling, and affordable range, this heavy Muay bag is our favorite choice.

2. Value ChoiceOutslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130lbs)

Value Choice

Outslayer Muay Thai Heavy Bag (130lbs)

This punching bag is for those looking for an upgrade to their heavy bag to practice their MMA techniques. This bag is a premium choice because it features heavy-duty vinyl filling, making it durable and long-lasting.

It can withstand several fits of abuse as you continue to punch and kick. The dense filling is evenly spread and has a higher resistance power due to its weight.


  • Heavy-duty vinyl
  • Available in four shades (black and yellow, black and white, red, and black)
  • Extra 12 inches due to the straps with D-ring.
  • Heavy premium bag (130lbs)
  • Withstand heavy punches and kicks without excessive swinging
  • Option to add weight (up to 300lbs)
  • Made from top quality America Vinyl.
  • Fabrics filling
  • 4 layers of maximized strength straps


  • Price slightly higher

Premium quality for workouts and training, the Outslayer is a personal choice for many fighters.

3. Budget ChoiceRDX Punch Bag

Budget Choice

RDX Punch Bag

Looking for a budget friendly Muay Thai heavy bag? This heavy bag is not only affordable, it is also a one-stop solution for improving your fighting regime.

The bag features a high-quality punch bag accompanied by various accessories.


  • Twinned layer with non-tearable Maya Hide Technology.
  • Sturdy, durable, and long-lasting
  • Allows maximized forced dispersion
  • Filled with shredded textiles 
  • Shock absorbent
  • Heavy-duty zip-fastened top closure to add more filling
  • Water-proof texture
  • · Tethered loop which reduces swings
  • · Equipped with steel chains and D-shackle 


  • It is a straight punch bag so practicing uppercuts is not an option
  • Drilling the wall or ceiling is required to place this heavy bag

We love the added extras that comes with this heavy Muay Thai bag, so it is definitely in the list of our budget heavy bags for MMA training.

4. Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Century Original Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

One aspect of this bag that makes it stand out is the ease of mobility.

It has a flat-bottomed round base, featuring free-standing, thus making it easier to shift. With this bag, you can engage and improve your core muscles, enhance coordination, flexibility, and endurance.


  • Made from robust vinyl cover with dense foam padding
  • Water or sand fillings
  • Easy to move
  • 7 height adjustments (47-68 inch with three increments)
  • Available in 3 shades (black/blue/red)
  • High-density vinyl foam padding offers optimal impact absorption


  • Limited movements once filled with water/sand
  • Filling creates hollow spots from punching

This heavy Muay Thai bag is effective because of its high resistance and optimal impact absorption.

5. Ringside 100lbs Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Ringside 100lbs Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

The bag is longer in length, ideally suiting the taller individuals and when filled, it weighs 100lbs. 


  • Available in stylish black finish fitted with heavy gauge steel chains
  • Fitted with a heavy D ring at the bottom to reduce swing movement
  • Helps in improving overall strength


  • Heavy and taller than most bags
  • Requires high and strong ceiling for placement

This heavy bag is both affordable and durable.


Can I change the bag’s filling?

You can easily change the bag filling of your heavy bag to make it more durable. But to do that, the bag must come with a zip line at the top for removing the filling. Most bags are filled with sand fillers, but you can choose fabrics and textiles to make them more powerful.

How do I clean the bag?

Keep your punching bag away from moisture. Use a damp cloth or disinfectant wipes to clean the bag’s exterior and place it in a dry place (not direct sunlight). You can also use anti-bacterial spray, leather treatment solution, or apple cider vinegar to clean the bag.

How to choose the correct bag?

Heavy punching bags vary in multiple shapes and sizes. So, to know the best suitable weight for you, divide your body weight by two. So, if you weigh 140lbs/63kg, you will need a bag weighing between 40-70lbs/18-32kg.

Can you punch a heavy bag without gloves?

Yes, you can choose to punch barehanded. It is better to punch barehand as this helps improve the strength of your knuckles, wrist, and forearm muscles.


The Outslayer Filled, Punching Bag Boxing Training Practice MMA is our savviest choice.

It is extremely durable and sturdy because of its design. The Outslayer is filled with fabric that leaves no hollow spots inside the bag while you are training. This is our savviest choice out of all the Muay Thai heavy bag as it fills in all the aspects any users look for in a heavy training bag.

Muay Thai heavy training bags are the new trendsetters for a rigorous workout session in the gym or home basement. It helps you tone your muscles, improves overall strength, enhances flexibility, and your endurance. Find one that suits you and start training with a heavy bag!